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Lindos Wedding Services & weddings in Lindos Rhodes. We are arranging weddings in Lindos and wedding services in Lindos Rhodes Greece. Marriage in Lindos weddings at St Paul's bay and chapel.Beach weddings and hotel weddings in Lindos.
We work with all the venues in Lindos and below we have suggested some of the most popular if you would like information on any venue please contact us.
Lindos Wedding Celebrations for Stunningly Unforgettable Unique Wedding Services in Rhodes!

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Lindos wedding services Lindos ceremonial room main There are many romantic places to host the Lindos Wedding.

Our company and the professional wedding team are ready to help you and suggest some very nice ideas and options for your special wedding day.

We would also like to share with you the secrets and treasures of the locals and surrounding areas of Lindos that we have found over the last 17 years.

The traditional Greek whitewashed houses that frame the village and the coastline of Lindos, create a stunning

The ceremony venues are no better than this, they have stunning views of the coastline that will be in the background of all your photos.
g view of the location of your ceremony.

A great way to approach the location of your ceremony is to accompany a traditional violinist or accordion player.

To make your wedding in Lindos even more unique, why not enjoy a champagne cruise and arrive at the Lindos wedding reception area in style. We offer water sports in Lindos and the surrounding areas, gardens, and spaces on the top floor in the village of Lindos and close by on the top floor. 


Ceremony Venue Lindos bay

 rhodes beach weddings 04  rhodes beach weddings 03
Situated with the venue facing the main beach of Lindos this beach venue has fabulous views of Lindos bay. A lovely decked pagoda with the sea as the backdrop for all your photos. Ceremonies are held Monday to Sunday between 15.00 to 19.00. You will also be required to go to the Town Hall the next day to sign the register; a member of our wedding team will accompany you. Please Note: Coaches cannot get to this venue and would have to park and you would incur a walk down a steep hill to the venue. Taxis will also get closer but still leave you to walk the last part of a hill or you access from the beach. This venue may be booked as a ceremony-only venue or and ceremony and reception. The venue offers great BBQ menus and beautiful views of Lindos Bay when the sun goes down.


Please see additional information & Fees below
Lindos Beach Venue €200.00 Includes private area and gazebo. A Deposit of €100 is required for booking a wedding and must be paid via bank transfer

rhodes beach weddings 02
St Pauls Bay

St Paul’s Bay Lindos is the most beautiful ceremony venue on Rhodes. It boasts a typical Greek setting in a secluded bay. The idyllic location of St Paul’s Bay with the little whitewashed chapel of St Paul’s perched by the crystal clear blue Aegean sea and golden sands makes it the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony and backdrop for your wedding photos. After the ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy a champagne cruise on to your reception venue. The village of Lindos is a short walk from St Paul’s bay where your wedding reception would be set in the medieval old village under the magnificent Acropolis adding additional magic to a special day. It is so popular, your guests will be stunned by the natural beauty. It is easy to see why St Pauls's Bay Lindos is the jewel of Rhodes.

Please see additional information & Fees below

Fees for St Paul's platform ceremonies from 6 pm.

0-30 Guests €350.00,31-60 Guests €450.00 61+ Guests €550.00

Includes chairs (white), ceremony table and cloth hire of the platform, security, and cleaners of the area.


Fees for St Paul's Chapel ceremonies 13.00 pm-18.00 pm

0-30 Guests €450.00,31-60 Guests €550.00 61+ Guests €650.00

Includes chairs (white), ceremony table and cloth hire of the Chapel, security, and cleaners of the area.

A 50% deposit of the fess is required at the time of booking.


Lindian Jewel

 rhodes beach weddings 06     rhodes beach weddings 05
A beautiful wedding location and beach perfect for your Lindos Wedding. This popular wedding venue 'Lindian Jewel,' is situated in the bay of Vlicha and is easily accessed easily by a boat cruise directly onto the beach in front of the hotel or via a short taxi journey from the village and chapels of Lindos. The ceremony location is held on the beach, with a white wooden gazebo and the beautiful coastline as the backdrop of all your photographs. The venue may be used as a ceremony only or ceremony and reception venue. Ceremonies are held Monday – Sunday between 15.00 – 19.00. You will also be required to go to the Town Hall the next day to sign the register; a member of our wedding team will accompany you. The stunning reception venue is located on two levels – The 'Azzurro' lounge bar on the lower level and the 'Lindian Jewel,' a wedding dining area on the upper level. The pre-dinner drinks and evening entertainment are held in the Al Fresco 'Azzurro' lounge bar on the lower level. You will find comfortable seating and sea views whilst you enjoy your pre-dinner drinks. In the evening this lounge bar comes alive with a dance area and your choice of evening entertainment.



wed 573       wed 645


Please see additional information & Fees below

 Gazebo Reservations Ceremony & Reception: Cost: Up to 40 Persons the price is 300€ For more than 40 Persons the price is 5€ per person. The above price includes a bottle of water for all guests and a bottle of Prosecco for the Groom and Bride. *Important Notice the welcome drinks can only be consumed after the ceremony

Gazebo Reservations Ceremony Only: Cost: Up to 40 Persons the price is 400€ For more than 40 Persons the price is 7.5€ per person. The reservation cost for the Gazebo will be 100€ and the rest paid, maximum, a day before the ceremony. The above price includes a bottle of water also, for all guests and a bottle of Prosecco for the Groom and Bride.


rhodes beach weddings 07      wed-745.jpg

Payment & Deposit: A deposit of 200€ is required in advance to guarantee the venue date. The deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Rest Payment (200€ will be deducted from the total venue cost) should be made at your meeting by Euros (€)



 melenos lindos weddings 01

Ceremonies may be held on the rooftop or the lovely garden venue.

Wedding Ceremony

 93852471_531652907544205_8916656069921472512_n.jpg              93897302_281293032864909_7287651193038307328_n.jpg

The Garden area or the Blue Balcony can also be offered for guests who wish to organize their wedding ceremony at the extra area rental cost of 300 euro. This amount includes private use of the space for a couple of hours and all equipment the Hotel already has and will be requested from the guests to use (white dressed chairs, tables, linen and waiter service). This price does not include beverages.
By booking your wedding ceremony in the Melenos allows you to use the space with no time limitation, you can personalize the actual ceremony text by adding your wows/speeches or poems on to it. You can also have your own music list playing (while guests are waiting, during the bride's entrance, while signing and after the ceremony). In case you would like to book a ceremony only the rental cost is 300 euro and you need to book a cocktail hour at the cost of 25euro per person and the hours for the ceremony only is 16:00-18:00.
A DJ or a live band is not allowed unless there is an entire villa booking ( the whole property ) as we need to make sure that the rest of the in-house guests will not be disturbed. For all wedding receptions that will be exclusively reserving the Top Restaurant or Garden Restaurant for their event, we offer you the possibility of live music based on acoustic musical instruments (guitar, bouzouki, etc.) without loudspeakers and electronic equipment. This can play from 19.00 - 21.00 hours. We can also play music from I-pod or I-phone the music list of their choice but we do request that the music would fit with the hotel's ambiance. Moreover, music from the loudspeakers can be on until 23.30 at the latest and we request that the wedding party would also leave the premises by midnight. We need to make sure that our in-house guests will not be disturbed in any case.


Dining Roof Top Restaurant :

 melenos lindos weddings 03
We offer the guests the possibility of exclusive use of the Roof Top Restaurant (without the condition of booking the entire property) when the number of guests is over 50 people. The cost of the exclusive use is 1000 euros and guests are able to use the facilities until midnight.

Garden Restaurant :

In case the wedding reception holds less than 50 guests, we can offer the opportunity to hold the wedding reception dinner at the Garden Restaurant with sea view. The rental cost is 500 euro and you have the exclusive use of the area. In the case where the Garden Restaurant area will not be privately reserved, other hotel guests will have access to its food & beverage facilities and the hotel will not be able to play the couples' choice of music. 

Full Restaurant :

The indoor restaurant offers total privacy and a mystic atmosphere for intimate dining. This space is ideal for bad weather conditions. In the case of a large number of children, an entertainer or a baby sitter is requested. In case of a small wedding dinner request up to 10 people please note that we will be able to keep the request on hold and confirm this a couple of months prior to the wedding. Kindly note that the hotel cannot accommodate wedding requests during August & September.


Kindly note that guests have the option to choose from White / Red / Rose house wine but this is served on the table once the Melenos Welcome / Ouzo is cleared out of the table and that they do not offer beer or other spirits or soft drinks instead of wine. A soft drink is included on the children's menu. We kindly request the hotel to be informed of the guest's food choice at least a couple of months prior to arrival.

Wedding Cake

If your package includes a wedding cake then the serving fee is 50 euro.

Welcome Drinks

These can be arranged at the Melenos Garden Lounge area or the Blue Balcony. We can arrange for a Champagne cocktail hour with a variety of canapés (champagne menu) or a choice of drinks that the clients prefer such as Pimm's, Buck Fizz, Prosecco, beers and a lot more are available too. Platers of assortments (flying buffet) can also be arranged on request.

Cocktail Booking

We offer the Garden Area & Blue balcony for Cocktails only if the couple has booked their dinner at the Melenos Lindos. The cost of this booking for the Garden Area or the Blue Balcony is 350 euro.

Important Info

Guests that have booked the Top Restaurant for their Wedding ceremony & dinner no extra fee apply for their cocktail in the Garden Restaurant. Guests that have booked the Garden area for their Wedding ceremony & dinner no extra fee apply for their cocktail in the Blue Balcony. Guests that have not booked the venue exclusively and they wish to have arrival drinks this would be served for: Top restaurant bookings by the entrance on a buffet, Garden Restaurant's bookings on the bar that is located in the same area.

Capacity-Sit down

Dinner Top Restaurant: 90 pax
Garden Restaurant: 40 - 45 pax
Indoor Restaurant “Fouli” 35 pax
Capacity ( seated guests – Wedding Ceremony
Top Restaurant : 75 pax
Garden area: 45 pax Blue Balcony: 25 pax
Hours of use Dining:
Roof Top Restaurant opens for dinner at 19.30
Garden Restaurant opens for dinner at 19.30

Welcome drinks:

Welcome drinks at the Blue Balcony open from 14.00 pm until 17.00
Garden area opens at 14.00 pm until 18.00
Cocktails: Garden Lounge (Cocktail hour) opens at 18.00 pm until 23.00 pm


Dinner over 50 people 800 euro
Dinner up to 50 people 400 euro
Wedding ceremony 250 euro
Cocktail 250 euro

The above-mentioned amounts are non-refundable in any cancellation. The deposit will be reduced from the final total cost of your wedding reception.
We guarantee that no other wedding reception will be hosted at the same time in the restaurant.
Tips: Kindly note that there are no tips included on the total cost of food or drinks, therefore, there is a fee of 100 euro that applies at the final total of the event. This is paid in cash on the spot.

Please note: There is an additional registrar fee for all Lindos & Pefkos Venues of €150 for the registrar to conduct the ceremony and for weekend weddings.