Rhodes Weddings

You have found your dream ceremony location now lets start to plan your dream wedding.
Offering Bespoke Services Second To None.

The ceremony venue is booked now starts the exciting part of planning the finer details that make your day so very special and personal.

Whether you prefer simple or grand we will offer you advice and options to plan your bespoke wedding in Rhodes. We do not offer online shops or wait until you arrive in Rhodes and give you a large brochure to choose from ,we work with you in the months leading up to your wedding day by listening to your ideas offering suggestions, confirming costs and giving you advice when required.

Unlike other wedding planners and tour operators we treat every couple as an individual and understand that NO TWO weddings are the same or the couple’s requirements.

We do not arrange conveyor belt weddings but prefer to work in a more relaxed manner offering a personal and friendly service instead.

We also ,have the largest team of suppliers on the island all very professional and experienced in offering wedding services. Others will tell you they only work with one supplier as they found the best! Of course this is not the case just they prefer to work with that one person . But what if that supplier is out of your price range will you feel pressured to cut out other things you may wish for or if they got sick on your wedding day what would happen then? No doubt someone else would be sent at the last minute and probably not as experienced or able to offer the same quality service. With Rhodes wedding services you would never have that issue arise as we have the options and choices of suppliers giving you the insurance which we feel is necessary for your peace of mind, individual requirements and budget.

Also we offer you the full knowledge that you are booking your wedding with a completely legal company as unlike many others we hold a full E.O.T license which is the main legal requirement to be able to offer legal wedding services in Greece and that your wedding will be valid on return to your home country.

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